Britney Spears $7.4 Million Real Estate Investment

BUYER: Britney Spears
LOCATION: Thousand Oaks, CA
PAID PRICE: $7,400,000 (listed 11.99 million)
SIZE: 13,264 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms

The deal was recently announced Britney Spears signed on for another two-year extension and exceedingly lucrative residency a the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas — her last two-year contract was reported to be for around $475,000 per show — and now word slips down the celebrity real estate investment gossip grapevine that the veteran pop star has spent $7.4 million for a sprawling, 20.86-acre estate in Thousand Oaks, CA. The hill-topping home, in a gated enclave of similarly sized estates and on and off the market since at least early 2013 when it was listed for an in-hindsight woefully quixotic $11.995 million, is anchored by an opulent and imposing if obviously ersatz, circa-2000 Neoclassical Italianate villa of 12,464-square-feet with five bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms.

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A marble-floored foyer steps down to a hotel lobby-scaled “great room” with wall-to-wall carpeting, grandiose 35-foot high ceiling, and a gargantuan fireplace flanked by built-in media cabinets. The elevator-equipped mansion’s additional public spaces include baronial formal living and dining rooms — the former with a double stacked limestone mantelpiece that extends nearly to the ceiling, and an oak-paneled library with built-in bookshelves, fireplace, and fancy-pants Parquet de Versailles flooring. The mansion’s center island kitchen has all the bells and whistles a private chef might desire or require and opens to an informal dining area with bay window and another fireplace. Four en suite family bedrooms are joined by a private and expansive upper floor master suite with yet another fireplace, a sitting area, and a private terrace with sweeping mountain views along with two spacious and custom fitted walk-in closets and a pair of lavish bathrooms, one done in pale beige marble with jetted garden tub and the other in dark beige marble with steam shower. There’s a “huge media/game room” on the upper level of the main residence plus an approximately 1,200-square-foot poolside pavilion fitted with full kitchen, bathroom, and 3,500-bottle temperature controlled wine cellar. Online marketing materials show the manicured portions of the estate include a rear motor court with access to the six-car garage, meandering lawns and flowering gardens, an orchard, a variety of patios and terraces with panoramic views, an infinity edged swimming pool, separate spa, lighted tennis court with elevated viewing platform, and a three-green golf course complete with sand traps.

Avid celebrity real estate investment watchers may recall that it was only three years ago that Britnet Spears, a property gossip column staple who’s previously owned multi-million dollar homes in West Hollywood, Malibu, and Beverly Hills and over the years rented several mansions in L.A.’s ever-more celebrified western suburbs, shelled out $6,744,500 for an 8,456-square-foot hacienda-style Mediterranean inside the swanky, guard-gated Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks.

The listing agents (who sold a $12 million property for 7.4 — not something you put on your resume) were Nicole Van Parys, Gary Nesen and Kevin Nguyen of Engel & Volkers.


Files on Real Estate Investment from Variety

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Top Ten Taylor Swift Keds Shoes

Keds is putting “Ladies First,” in a new global brand platform featuring Taylor Swift.  “Ladies First is a celebration of amazing women like Taylor Swift who are blazing new trails every day,” said Chris Lindner, president of Keds. The new campaign showcases the Keds fall collection with progressive messages that celebrate what it means to be a woman in 2015.

Taylor Swift’s Keds Shoes line is inspired by Taylor’s signature style statements, including chic polka dot and floral patterns, and her favourite colour, red, and muted tones for the cooler months.

Here are the top 10 Taylor Swift Keds shoes….

Keds Women’s Champion Seasonal Fall 2014 Sneaker


Keds Women’s Champion Seasonal Spring 2015 Sneaker



Keds Women’s Champion Botanical-Leaves Fashion Sneaker



Keds Women’s Champion Starburst Oxford


Keds Women’s Chillax Washed Laceless Slip-On Sneaker



Keds Women’s Champion Lace Fashion Sneaker

taylor swift keds shoes


Taylor Swift’s Keds Champion Linen Glitter Dot Sneaker

taylor swift keds shoes


Taylor Swift’s Keds Womens Champion Washed Sneaker

taylor swift keds shoes

Keds Women’s Champion Original Canvas Sneaker

Taylor Swift Keds Shoes


Keds Women’s Double Up Core Fashion Sneaker

Taylor Swift Keds Shoes

All Keds shoes are very cute and comfortable yet fashionable. Taylor Swift Keds Shoe is the perfect shoe to wear with any casual outfit.

Photos Courtesy of Keds Tumblr

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Donald Trump Supports Eminent Domain

Republicans and many conservatives had their feathers ruffled Tuesday when an interview revealed Donald Trump Supports Eminent Domain; he said during a Fox News interview that eminent domain is a “wonderful” thing.

“What do you think of eminent domain?” host Bret Baier asked.

“Well, I think eminent domain is wonderful if you are building a highway and you need to build, as an example a highway, and you are going to be blocked by a holdout or, in some cases it’s a holdout, nobody knows this better than I do because I built a lot of buildings in Manhattan and you’ll have 12 sites and you’ll get 11 and you’ll have one holdout and you end up building around them and everything else, so I know better than anybody,” Trump said.

The billionaire continued, “I think eminent domain for massive projects, for instance you are going to create thousands of jobs and you have somebody who is in the way, and you pay that person far more — don’t forget, eminent domain, they get a lot of money. And you need a house in a certain location because you are going to build this massive development that is going to employ thousands of people … I think eminent domain is fine.”

“It’s called economic development,” the real estate tycoon added.

Backlash on Twitter among conservatives was immediate.

Donald Trump Supports Eminent Domain angry tweets:

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Video of Anella Sagra Columbian Fitness Model

Video of Anella Sagra Columbian Fitness Model.  Anllela Sagra shows off her amazing sculpted body and exercise routine.

Video of Anella Sagra Columbian Fitness Model showing off her Exercise routine
Video of Anella Sagra Columbian Fitness Model bodybuilding, fitness, diet, and exercise

Video of Anella Sagra Columbian Fitness Model. She is a Latin fit model, currently without representation. She has nearly 2 million Instagram followers and loves posting selfies, which she watermarks with her Instagram handle. She is very proud of her abs and butt, incidentally, and posts her workout and diet plans for her followers.

Original Video Here

Anllela Sagra’s Bio from her website


Hello! Hello! It’s so nice to be able to begin this journey with you today as I help and motivate you to achieve the goal you want with your body and best of all, enjoy the process!! 

It’s been almost 3 years since I embarked on this journey. Its very possible that you already know a bit about me through social medias, but now I want to open up a little more.

3 years ago I was under going my studies in fashion design, I would only model a few times during the week. I was extremely thin since a muscular body is not something desired in the modeling world. One day at the gym I met a trainer who would forever change my life, his knowledge and mentoring catalyzed the life style that I now live.

Everyday I’d acquire more of an understanding and my body was starting to respond to the training. As a result, my modeling career started coming to a halt due to the all the muscular mass I was gaining. Many told me to stop training because I was “hurting” my body, but the passion I had for the life I was starting to live was incredible.

After a year and a half of discipline and dedication, I enrolled in a fitness competition in which I came in 3rd place. I was extremely surprised by the results and even more by the comments from big names and judges, since I had only been in this world for such a short period of time.

It was during this time where I was torn between what I wanted in life. Do I want to be a model like all the other ones in Colombia or do I want to be the first Colombian fitness model? Was it worth leaving everything I worked for behind and receive criticism for it? Is all this worth it to chase what I love?

One thing came to my mind after so many questions. In life there is no such thing as luck, there are only opportunities and it is your decision whether or not to take a chance on them. I decided to take it and risk everything, lose everything and just jump into the world of possibilities and the truth is that it was the best decision I ever made in my life.

Perseverance, patience and dedication were everyday words that started to haunt my head because I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I started to feel more comfortable because of my incredible passion I began to know through social networks.

It’s crazy, because in less than a year I managed to reach 1 million followers in my social networks. Slowly I achieved things I never knew I could achieve. Grateful is a small word to express what I feel right now and the happiness it gives me every day to know I can do what I love is amazing.

Now only 21 years old, my goal is to help others get to where they desire, motivate and show them the best way to accomplish their goals and help them believe in themselves. Everything is possible, everything! The only thing necessary for your journey is the LOVE for what you do.

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How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Software

Know What Features To Look For In Your Ecommerce Software

Becoming an online entrepreneur has never been so simple though the success of your online business venture will depend a great deal on the quality of the ecommerce software being used. In fact, by using ecommerce software that is of poor quality you will only encounter difficulties, especially those that are related to navigating your site which in turn will cause visitors to your site to get turned off and so, lead to subsequent loss of business revenue.

Better Experience

It is therefore advisable that you ensure using proper ecommerce software as it will give visitors a better experience leading to encouraging visitors to purchase your products or services and that in turn will mean better business. Good ecommerce software helps you to simplify tracking customer information as well as helps to ease management of purchases.

It is essential that before you choose your ecommerce software to know what features it should have and what the software should not do. Some people go for ecommerce software that is simple to set up while others choose it according to the price of the software. It is however a better idea to check out the essential features that make up better ecommerce software. Among these features are cost, scalability as well as ease of setup.

When it concerns cost, you want to make sure that the ecommerce software does not require any setup fee and whose monthly fee is on the low side. Next, you need to look at scalability of the ecommerce software which essentially means that the software should allow you to expand on its features as and when your business starts to grow and flourish. There is no sense in using software that limits you to a set amount of features.

A good ecommerce software should also be easy to maintain and to set-up. You can opt for that software that provides wizard programs to help you set up the site. Also, the software that you choose must allow for diversity of features – both administrative as well as user-based. The interface should be good and the shopping experience for customers should be smooth as well as simple.

Today, the prevalence of ecommerce hosting is such that the online shopper’s market has grown tremendously and it will therefore pay for you if you are an online business entrepreneur, to know how to get the best hosting service for your ecommerce needs.

Before you make your final call on a particular ecommerce software makes sure that you look at other features as well such as level of SEO friendliness as well as whether it will help find you a target audience or not.

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Wayne County Annual Tax Foreclosure Auction of 26,000 Properties

Round two of what’s become known as the “world’s largest municipal property auction” finished this week.

That would be the Wayne County annual tax foreclosure auction.

More than 26,000 properties remain after the auction’s first round last month, when just over 2,000 properties sold.

In the second round starting Tuesday, bids start at just $500. The properties will be offered online in “batches” until the bidding wraps up October 22.

This year’s Wayne County annual tax foreclosure auction is the largest yet, with the county initially moving to foreclose on 75,000 tax-delinquent properties.

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The vast majority are in the city of Detroit, and an estimated 8,000 are occupied residential properties.

Far fewer properties actually ended up going to auction, in part because the county was aggressive about getting some property owners onto payment plans with reduced interest rates.

Still, critics say the massive auction will further devastate Detroit neighborhoods already riddled with blight, and punish low-income families who struggle with the city’s high property taxes.

But the Wayne County treasurer says the auction is mandated by state law.

The Wayne County annual tax foreclosure auction — the largest in North America — is stoking fears of widespread evictions in Detroit, where an estimated 8,000 of the 25,000 homes up for sale this month are occupied.

The online auction of properties with at least three years of delinquencies began in September and continues this month. But its full toll may take months to realize, when deeds are transferred, court hearings are exhausted and evictions are served.

That day of eviction after last year’s auction still haunts Cheryl West, who was kicked out of her home of 60 years in May after it was sold to a landlord to satisfy $15,600 in back taxes.

The day began with a morning knock on the door by a court officer and ended at sundown with her belongings in two Dumpsters.

“It was insanity. Pure hell,” said West, 68, a music teacher and former medical writer. “I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. … I’m afraid for a society that condones this sort of treatment of senior citizens.”

The county has foreclosed on 110,000 properties since 2005 because of unpaid taxes. The vast majority of those are believed to be vacant lots and homes. No data was collected on occupancy until 2014, when the Detroit Blight Task Force released a survey of all parcels in the city.

Last year, 7,600 occupied homes in Detroit were sold at the Wayne County annual tax foreclosure auction, according to analysis from Detroit data company Loveland Technologies. Among them was West’s stately Victoria Park home, which her parents broke the color barrier to purchase in 1954.

“I’m the poster child for what can happen,” West said, who does not have any children or living siblings.

David Szymanski, who recently retired as chief deputy treasurer of Wayne County, does not dispute the overall occupancy numbers. But he said fewer than 1,000 homes at this year’s auction are occupied by owners. The remainder are renters or squatters, he said.

Article from Michigan radio

And The Detroit News

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Donald Trump Enters Presidential Race

Billionaire Real estate mogul and Famous TV personality Donald Trump entered the 2016 U.S. presidential election on Tuesday in a blitz publicity and attacks on both fellow Republicans and President Barack Obama’s administration.

Trump wallowed in political incorrectness as he insulted everyone from Mexican immigrants to Jeb Bush and U.S. ally Saudi Arabia in announcing his bid for the Republican nomination.

“I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” Trump predicted in a long, combative speech in the atrium of Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

The billionaire, widely seen as having almost no chance of winning the nomination, brings an outsized personality and a penchant for controversy to an unusually large group of Republicans vying for the presidency.


In highly provocative comments, Trump accused Mexico of sending rapists and other criminals to live in the United States.

“They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing their problems,” he said. “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some I assume are good people, but I speak to border guards and they tell us what we are getting.”

Eleven other Republicans have announced they are running for next November’s election, the latest being former Florida Governor Jeb Bush who officially launched his bid on Monday.

Trump hit out at Bush for backing the Common Core education initiative to set national education standards, which is mistrusted by many Republicans.

“Bush is totally in favor of Common Core. I don’t see how he can possibly get the nomination. He’s weak on immigration, he’s in favor of Common Core. How the hell can you vote for this guy? You just can’t do it.”

Trump, who owns several hotels and hosts the reality show “The Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC, boasted having $8.7 billion in net worth, a number he says he released so that America understands he is not a loser.

Trump has flirted with the notion of running in past elections, but has ultimately backed out each time. This time, he said, the United States needs him to come to the rescue and revive a “dead” American dream.

“Our enemies are getting stronger and stronger by the day and we as a country are getting weaker,” he said.


Republican strategists and officials cringe at the thought of Trump grabbing attention away from the party’s more serious candidates as it tries to win back the White House after defeats in 2008 and 2012.

“Donald Trump is a great entertainer and developer, but his ideas of what to do as president won’t grow the economy,” said David McIntosh, president of the influential Club for Growth, a conservative group which advocates for small government.

Trump’s first big challenge is to make it into a Fox News debate of Republicans in August that will be open to only the top 10 candidates in national polling.

As it stands, Trump languishes in 12th place, ahead only of former New York Governor George Pataki, in a Reuters/Ipsos online poll of 13 Republicans who have either declared their candidacies or, like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, are likely to. Bush leads the poll.

In other surveys, Trump has high negative ratings, with more than 50 percent of Americans saying they will never consider voting for him.

On Tuesday, he saved his wildest attacks for foreign policy, frequently accusing China of stealing American jobs through crafty business practices and portraying himself as a tough negotiator who would beat Beijing at its own game.

“Hey, I’m not saying they’re stupid. I like China. I just sold an apartment for $15 million to somebody from China,” he said.

“No, I love them, but their leaders are much smarter than our leaders,” he said. “It’s like, take the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and have them play your high school football team. That’s the difference between China’s leaders and our leaders. They are ripping us.”

He urged Saudi Arabia to be more appreciative of the military and diplomatic support it has received from the United States for decades. “Saudi Arabia without us is gone,” he warned.


From June 15th.



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How Ecommerce Hosting Can Help Your Online Business

Ecommerce Hosting Can Do A Lot To Promote Your Online Business

With the rapid increase in numbers of online shoppers, ecommerce hosting too has grown – if only to cater to this increased demand. If you don’t already have access to a server you would do well to get in touch with a web hosting company that charters server space on a server and get your ecommerce hosting done through them. It would not be wrong to compare a web hosting company to a landlord that offers you a room to live in.

Handles Many Tasks

For those who are engaged in online business entrepreneurship, ecommerce hosting is an essential aspect to promoting their business in the online space. In fact, ecommerce hosting services will do a number of useful tasks including keeping your credit card purchases on track, monitoring operations of your website as well handling email services. The most critical aspect of course, is monitoring operations because not only is this critical to the success of your business; but, it is also very complicated as well.

Ecommerce hosting is essentially oriented to meet the needs of online businesses and it is therefore necessary that you choose a service that will ensure continuous service that in turn means almost negligible downtime. In addition, the ecommerce hosting system should be tough as well as reliable and it should always be up and running even during peak hours. You should also choose a service that can provide round-the-clock technical support and which also allows you to grow your business through providing better scalability.

You will also come across ecommerce hosting services that provide financial support and who also give you shopping carts and provide dependable as well as secure servers to facilitate secure processing of credit card payments. It is vital that customer personal information be kept secure from hackers and other online criminals and that credit card information never fall into unauthorized hands.

Today, when it concerns finding ecommerce hosting; a number of options are available that will fit in with a wide variety of needs as well as business demands. You should therefore do your research and compare different solutions before settling on one particular ecommerce hosting service.

If you also choose the proper ecommerce solution for your website you can expect to reap greater profitability from your online business and you will also get to derive maximum benefits as well.

Before you choose an ecommerce hosting service you would do well to put in a little extra effort so that you deal only with an ecommerce web host that does business ethically, honestly as well as efficiently and who can document proof of their trustworthiness as well as consistency.

Listed below are a few of the best ecommerce hosting service providers available today.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce will create a plan that’s tailored to fit your needs and make adjustments for your business in the future. They have a step-by-step migration checklist, where you will see your new store set up in a private location. This allows you to test all you want, then flip that switch with confidence when you’re ready.

They have plenty of tools, tours, and information to help you get started whether you are starting from scratch or moving from on web host to another.

Create a Successful Online Store at Bigcommerce! Try it Free Now! 


GoDaddy have helped many people and small business with their websites. With GoDaddy’s ecommerce hosting they help you create your own online shopping website. It is simple and easy to create. They have customizable templates with built in payment processing and 24/7 support.

30%* off! Big Savings For Your Small Business! has helped many small businesses to succeed online. Whether you’re looking to build a new website, sell online, drive customers to your existing site, or promote your site, they have all the tools you need. offers a complete suite of small business web hosting services to build and power your web presence. From Developer Solutions to Microsoft Hosted Exchange to full ecommerce packages, they have all your online essentials. Web Hosting

In Motion Hosting

Get your ecommerce website off the ground in no time with In Motion Hosting. They have both shared and VPS hosting plans which are optimized to help you get started immediately with your ecommerce applications, including PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento, and OpenCart to name a few.

There check out process is quite simple all you do is order your hosting package, pick an ecommerce application, design your store and start selling your products!

Web Hosting at InMotion Hosting

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