3 Tips to Build your network marketing business In The Summer

5 Tips to Build your network marketing business In The Summer

Network marketing recruiting is very easy is the summer.

Summer is in full swing, and many people are busy with leisure activities and with the kids being home.  Do you hear a daily mantra from your children demanding you be the entertainment to the point of losing your patience ? Having your kids home during the summer months while working to build your network marketing business can be challenging as we attempt to maintain a steady income stream without abandoning your children.

Here are some strategies that still work in the summer – like focusing on network marketing business activities while your children are otherwise occupied – this is your time and opportunity to make calls and work intensely on your network marketing business.

Here are some tips to keep your children busy and reclaim your work time.

1. Create little Entrepreneurs

Help your kids create their own business!  Even Ivanka Trump has her kids doing a neighborhood lemonade stand. This is a good chance to teach your kids how to handle money, earn, save, and spend. Maybe you or a neighbor has a fruit tree with too many strawberries, lemons, lime, or oranges? Anyone can pick some fruit to make their own fruit-ade to sell. Let your kids organize your garage sale to sell your old junk and all the toys they no longer play with. This can be great “business experience” for them, and you can advise them on the best way to use the money they earn.

2. Your own social media manager

this is a very practical effort.  The child learns about social media management and learns about your network marketing business indirectly.  It’s best they learn these very useful skills early in life and directly under your supervision.  Plus, this will save you time from doing it yourself or from having to pay an outsourcer to be your social media or internet marketing manager.

3. Events for children

Let your children organize local events for children.  You will help organize and you will use these events to build network marketing business.   As you search for funding, staffing, permits, and other organizational skills you will meet the right people – and make every effort to recruit them.  People who are involved in community events are the very best prospect for network marketing business.

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