7 Skills for internet marketing professionals

7 Skills for internet marketing professionals

We can sit and play on facebook all day long or we can develop the skills to be internet marketing professionals.

Most internet marketing professionals have encountered someone who minimizes their job as for simpletons — lots of time spent surfing the web and sharing cat photos. While this is generally true, there are some skills that can be developed so that you can become a professional who is highly respected for the job they perform.

An internet marketing professional entails many skills, from writer and copywriter to SEO expert. Most people outside the industry cannot ever know the details involved in creating quality content and promotions, people in digital media must possess a broad range of modern skills to succeed— more involved and technical skillset than A normal social media consumer. Here are 7 skills to master that will make you more effective at your job as an internet marketing professional.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the basic skill for any marketing professionals. From writers, website developers, copywriters, and even website designers need to consider how their work will be found and seen by search engines.

Social signals boost your page rankings. Google is trying and failing to measure social media influence. Google will rank your articles and website higher if it sees that you are a “credible source”, and social media influence is a factor in determining it.  This is complete bullshit, or everything the notorious Breitbart publishes would be on page 1.

Focus on the well known methods of SEO.

Compelling Writing

You would be surprised how many people who write for a living are actually poor writers.  Twitter is the proving ground for quality writing – it has to be said clearly and concisely.  The Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram captions and other short quips that occupy much of an internet marketing professional job title are brushed as something anyone can do. Study the master of social media writing: Donald Trump. The man is a tweet master.

Sharing an image is worthless.  Sharing an image with a pithy quote and a call to action is priceless. A photo of a beach shared on pinterest is not as effective for an internet marketing professional as a photo with “where would you rather be now? call us to get there faster.”

Most social networks, even visual networks like Pinterest, snapchat, tumblr, Instagram and Youtube, allow you to write titles and captions. A well-written caption can make a massive difference. Your video title and description are key elements in the SEO. Knowing how to use verbs, the imperative voice, the ability to tell stories, or use language that incites an emotional reaction are key skills.


Google Analytics and conversion tracking

Google Analytics, facebook analytics, and twitter analytics are a big part of social media management. Every internet marketing professional should know how to track their social media interactions: mentions, likes and comments, and the amount of click-throughs and purchases. The end goal of analytics is to tie your social media activities to income.

When you can credit revenue to an individual social media post, you gain understanding into what your customers really want. Now you can rinse and repeat.

Quality Images

You can buy them. Quality and compelling images are a key part of the internet marketing professionals toolbox. People expect social messages to be accompanied by shareable photos or images, there are even photo reactions on facebok statuses, and recently launched in 2016 video reactions to facebook statuses.  You can learn to take photos, or you can buy photos by the ton. Do not use crappy photos  found in google image search.


Photoshop or photo editing

The ability to crop and edit your photos, add captions and graphics is a skill children have mastered with memes.  Learn to usr photoshop, or any number of the free alternatives. Our internet marketing professionals use Canva – which simplify the process of making shareable content.


Video Editing

As above, the ability to edit a video is a future for internet marketing professionals.  Check out our video where we edited sounds into a Donald Trump video. Everything in social media is shifting towards video, so you should know how to use the simple tools available.


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6 Content Marketing Predictions

6 Content Marketing Predictions

Internet marketing is changing quickly. Content marketing is blogging, to slideshows, to video, and soon to virtual reality.

The critical fall spending season is quickly approaching, so now is a great time to think about the content marketing strategies so you will finish the year strong. 2016 has been a year of rapid advances in the area of internet marketing, let’s consider the marketing trends that are going be the most effective. While you may be familiar with some of these trends, the others will be news headlines you have seen, but haven’t considered implementing into your own business.

Developing your content marketing strategy for the end of year? Take a moment to review these 6 content marketing trends to watch in 2017 and beyond.

1. Mobile Access is then new normal

number of smartphone users in the United States

This forecast shows the number of smartphone users in the U.S. from 2010 to 2018. For 2016, the number of smartphone users in the United States is estimated to reach 198.5 million. Source

Even today, marketing content, app development, and website development strategies are concentrated primarily on the needs of the desktop user with mobile users being an afterthought. It is a widely held myth that mobile users do not buy online, nor do they click on ads.  Adopt a “mobile first” strategy – always target the broadest market segment. Mobile users currently use their devices for:

  • Social Media apps
  • Reading News and Gossip
  • more and more Researching Products and Make Purchases
  • Maps and Navigational Apps
  • Messaging apps
  • Videos – both live and recorded
  • reading reviews
  • writing reviews


2. Social Media search will overtake search engines

There, I said it.  More people will search for restaurants on yelp or facebook than google. Kissmetrics first noticed this eveloping change in consumer search behavior. The trend is consumers using search engines to find information – usually clicking on Wikipedia. Many users are skipping the search engine and performing ecommerce searches directly on social media.

There are two main causes for this shift. First, social searches provide visual content. Consumers know that social search results will be visual content, and visual content is far more trustworthy than text heavy (read: bs) content.

The second reason is that consumers read reviews.  Yes, we all read reviews before we buy. I can visit a website and read their “testimonials”, or I can go to facebook and see the experiences of people I know. This means that your content marketing strategy must move beyond “How can I be on page 1 of Google?” to “Where are my customers looking?


3. Facebook audience growth will continue

Facebook is the #1 website on the interweb.  As long as Facebook continues adding new functionality, it will remain the dominant social media platform. Facebook’s innovations are the driving factor behind most of the new marketing trends – from live video to virtual reality.

Younger consumers also use other social media platforms, primarily messaging apps (FB messenger, WhatsApp, snapchat). For most brands, this change will be a seismic shift in their content marketing strategies.


4. Digital Marketing advertising on New Social Media

Instagram has 500 million users, and snapchat also has several hundred million users. Old marketing teams don’t see the potential of these platform for content marketing efforts. It’s easy and expensive to focus on content marketing for YouTube and Facebook.

Instagram is now providing advertising opportunities both overt – actual ads, and hidden- product placements with influencers. The Snapchat Story is already proving to be a great branding and content marketing tool. The most successful marketers will use the newest platform while they are till inexpensive.

5. Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook launched Instant Articles in 2016. This technology allows publishers to instantly publish content to Facebook – read “the users’ newsfeed”. This seamless publishing is the opposite of “sharing”, the content is pushed directly and instantly to the end user.

When instant articles launched, it was limited to nine major publishers including the New York Times, NBC News, and BuzzFeed. Since that time, other big publishing houses have been invited into the fold. Now, Facebook appears to be opening up Instant Articles even more by inviting publishers to contact them for information about becoming Instant Articles publishers. The possibility is very real that Instant Articles will be even more accessible by end of year 2016.


6. Content frequency trumps content quality

Consumer choices are increasing exponentially.  So should your broadcasts to them. The time it takes to write 800 word blog posts nobody will ever read should be better spent making 10 or 12 short videos.  It’s time to bring your content marketing into the current year. Focus on stories told visually, and with a heavy focus on short videos. Quantity beats quality every day of the week – the daily mail has 10x more readers than the New York times, a 6 second vine made by a 12 year old has 10x more viewers than both of them combined.


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How to buy a domain name

How to buy a domain name

The first step to master internet marketing in to buy a domain name. It’s one of the easiest and best things to promote your internet marketing identity.

Many people try and save money by using free blogging services like wordpress.org or tumblr.com to start their journey into internet marketing. The perception is that they are saving the costs of buying a fully qualified domain name. (FQDN).

When you are relying on a free blogging service, you don’t own a thing. If the service that hosts the blog, like WordPress, decides that they don’t like something you publish, they can and will delete your internet presence without warning.  The customer service is so thin these days that the process of deletion is automated.

A domain name is not as expensive as you think. Namecheap and godaddy, two of the largest re sellers of domains, constantly run specials for 99cents per year.

A domain name gives you the appearance of professionalism and it gives your internet presence a firm direction.  If your name is realestate.ca then you will be forced to have content relating to real estate in Canada. Having a domain name with a relevant keyword and content to support it will greatly improve your search engine optimization and enable pages on your site to rank higher.


When choosing a domain name there is a few simple guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Perform some keyword research to find a list of keywords associated with your niche that get a lot of searches every month. More searches means more interest in the topic.  Try to get one of those keywords, exactly, as your domain name or even in your domain name. In the niche for women’s leggings I found a great keyword that gets a lot of monthly searches without much competition: cheap womens leggings. I would want that as my domain: cheapwomenleggings.com. Now domain name contains the highly searched for keyword which, while it may not guarantee tons of traffic, will give you significant free, highly targeted, traffic.

2. If you are an internet marketer of an email marketer and all of your marketing efforts are going to be online, then try and get a .com – a dot com. Any quick cursory search on google will note that only .coms are on page one to page 3 of search results.  If you have a very local market like womens leggings in the UK then get the appropriate .uk domain name extension. There was an incident in 2005 where google deleted the .nets from site results for a few days, something that is almost impossible with .coms.  If all your internet marketing is done through PPC and content marketing so no one needs to type a domain name, they just click on a link; in this case I would use the cheapest domain name extension possible. If you are going to be marketing in ways that people would have to actually type in the domain name to find your site, then use a dot com – the .com button is natively on both the iphone and andriod keyboards.

Create direction and professionalism in your internet marketing efforts and buy a domain name.

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7 tips on website design

7 tips on website design

Your website is the worldwide greeting for your business.   There are website design elements that will mturn visitors into customers.

These are 7 ways to optimize your business homepage to meet your client’s expectations — it’s easier than you think.

1. Update you content regularly

Have you ever seen a Christmas themed website… in March? Website design tip 1: update your content regularly.  Schedule a calendar alert to verify your website and update the content on the homepage.

2. Place your Call to Action first

Ask yourself: what’s the action visitors should take on your website? Put it first- wither a sales offer, or an email signup offer.  Website design tip 2: place your call to action first. This was first mentioned by Seth Godin.

Common Call to actions:

  • Signup for email list
  • sales offer – “shop now”
  • a lead form
  • a social media signup form

3. Have an About Us/Contact us

How can your clients reach you?  Website design tip #4: make it easy for people to reach you.  The old fashioned is to put contact information in the footer of each page – this is unnecessary.  It should be in a prominent page of it’s own.  Have you ever tried to find the contact information for amazon or facebook? it’s impossible. Be better than that.

4. Use compelling Images or Video

Website design tip #4: do not use flash.  Use compelling video or pictures. Use short copyright, not long paragraphs.  Stock photographs are available for a few dollars and are an excellent alternative to hiring an expensive photographer.  If you must hire a professional photographer – make sure he takes hundreds of photographs to offset the normal fee of few hundred dollars.

Videos are a modern addition to an website.  You can make your own short promo video, or buy a pre made video promoting your business.

5. Is your website Design up to Current Standards?

I love websites from 2005, in fact most websites look like they are from 2005.  An outdated website design gives the impression your business not current and not secure.  If your budget is limited, at the bare minimum redesign the homepage to create an incredible first impression.

Contact your Website design developer and ask for a homepage facelift.

6. watch your Page load Speed

Even with the improvements in communications infrastructure in the last few years, most websites seemingly take forever to load.  Test your speed, and have your website design professional make the necessary changes.

If your site loads slowly, visitors abandon it.

7. Mobile Responsive

Most importantly, modern websites must be visible on mobile devices. This is a pre requisite for local businesses where customers may be searching on a smartphone while driving recklessly for a business nearby – we all cater to these fools.  Ask your website design professional, or visit your own site on a smartphone to verify that it has responsive design.

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6 tips on social media marketing

6 tips on social media marketing

6 relatively simple tips to improve your social media marketing, these techniques are simple and free and often overlooked.

Be sure and check out the last article I wrote on social media marketing.

1. Promote links to your social media on all your marketing materials.

It seems obvious that there should be a way for your customers to connect with your brand no matter where they see your marketing message: print or digital.

Please links and icons to your social media on all your websites and email marketing to your social media profiles – and back to and from your website. this demonstrates that your social media marketing is an active extension of your branding program.  Test the links to see if they work (obviously.)

2. Use guest blogging

This is an old fashioned method, but most people allow do-follow outbound links in the author profiles fr submitted or contributed articles.

This is a good way to establish thought leadership and a high profile for company executives. It’s also great for marketing your personal brand.

3. Update frequently.

Find out the recommended frequency for each social media marketing platform and post accordingly.  For example, 3 times a day on facebook, many time on twitter, twice on pinterest.  DO not over post.  Keep customers interested i your marketing message by creating a variety of content, including:

  • Commenting on facebook posts of influencers
  • Links to your content in the comments
  • Questions and polls – obvious polls like are babies cute?
  • Videos and other multimedia content
  • Blog posts and investor news and company news
  • Discounts and special offers

People follow brands to network with other users, to find out the best uses for the product, and of course discounts and savings.  Be consistent in your social media marketing message.

4. Be consistent in your updates

Use hootsuite or social pilot to maintain a consistent schedule.  It’s also much easier to stay on mesage when all posts are planned in advance and not in the mad scramble of the day.

This is a fabulous time-saving strategy.

Choose engaging content – that means you have to devote time to answering their engagements.

5. Follow Industry Influencers

Following is a two way street. Following others in a targeted way helps you gain targeted followers in return.

Communicate with those influencers to gain prominence, and you may even make a friend.

Gives your followers content and updates related to what they are expecting and it will increase both your following and engagements.


6. Join Groups on Facebook and LinkedIN

Facebook is the socia media marketing king. LinkedIn caters to industry. Join or create your own group for your industry, or one filled with your target customers. Become a player.  Lead the conversation to lead the social media marketing.


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How to create a marketing plan

How to create a marketing plan.

Given the importance of marketing to a business’s success it’s best not to approach it haphazardly, by by following  a plan

These days marketing is crucial for small business success. Unfortunately, many businesses approach marketing in a thrillingly haphazard fashion, adding a new program to their marketing efforts without considering whether it makes sense for their holistic business goals.

Keep your marketing plan modern and active by marketing your business in popular new digital channels and the most effective non digital (traditional) channels.  If these is no effort to measure and plan each part of your marketing plan and how it fits into the larger scheme of things, you may be wasting both time and money.

Below if a simple checklist for creating a marketing plan for your business to help ensure that you’re efficiently spending each marketing dollar and that your overall marketing message being communicated to your target customers.

Think of your marketing plan as a mini “business plan” for your advertising dollar.

3 commandments of a marketing plan

Think of the overall marketing message you wish to convey. What image of your business are you manufacturing and trying to convince people of in your marketing efforts? Does your business have a brand? Think about your product or service’s features and benefits; think about the questions and problems faced by your clients.  What is your unique selling proposition? The best a marketing plan and marketing message communicates that point in one sentence. Then place that message everywhere in all of your marketing materials.

Imagine your ideal customers.  What sires do they visit? What newspapers do they read? Wat are their interests? Can you identify what famous internet marketer Seth Godin calls “their tribe?”

Marketing methods

Once you know where your target customers are and have an idea how to reach them, your marketing plan should specify which marketing methods you will use. For example, you might want to use any or all of the below:

  1. Your website
  2. squeeze pages
  3. earned media
  4. referral advertising
  5. Online advertising
  6. Email newsletters
  7. Social media such as Twitter or Facebook
  8. Public relations
  9. Direct mail such as postcards or letters
  10. Advertising (print, radio, cable, out-of-home)
  11. Marketing materials (business cards, flyers or brochures)

What are the goals for your marketing plan?

What does success look like to you? Measure the results of your marketing plan and marketing methods. In order to measure results, you need to know what results you want. For instance, if you’re running a Facebook ad, your goal might be to get 100 new “likes” in one month (what a waste), or 100 new email signups a month (better).

A marketing plan typically covers annual expenses and goals to improve forecasting of marketing costs. But be sure to review your plan quarterly, in preparation for the extremely important last calendar quarter of the year, to modify your marketing plan as needed to reach your pre determined goals.

A marketing plan is a tool for everyone in your company who’s involved with marketing both traditional and pring and design. Get your team involved in creating the plan and reviewing the results. Working together on a marketing plan always leads to better results.

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Work at Home Jobs For Moms

Work at Home Jobs For Moms

Parents are looking to the Internet to solve their desire to work at home with their families. Here are some of the most popular work at home jobs for moms.

As the cost of childcare, transportation to and from work, and just the stresses of the day-to-day job are becoming to much to tolerate. Why are you choosing to do it? Parents are provide the best childcare, and it’s possible to match your work income with s stay at home job.

I was searching for the perfect Work At Home or Home Based Business systems that could be launched and operated from anywhere in the world with internet access. I wanted to be the laptop millionaire. I was a new mother and didn’t enjoy the commute or the long hours away from my family – I wanted to work at home.

In my research I found a large number of work at home businesses and opportunities to get started.   Some of them required a small startup fee, many are free outsourcing type jobs.  I you do the search, you will find the saome thing: there are countless numbers of jobs for people looking to work at home, through the internet.


Home business idea – paid surveys

The good news is that the research took very little time and only minimal effort.  You should be able to generate some regular income to replace the job you left.  There are many work at home programs that help you achieve your your goals. There are, of course, common pitfalls such as not doing enough due diligence on the work at home business you are joining, checking ratings and reputations.  Without checking a company’s reputation, you could be in for a big surprise – and not a good one! Many future challenges can be minimized by doing some research in the beginning. This is an important decision for you, it can change your lifestyle, so why not give it the effort it deserves.

Once you have done your due diligence then you will want to narrow down the choices to 2 – 3 good programs that match your work at home profile. This consists of understanding your time constraints, skill sets, comfort zone and income objectives. One you have done this then proceed on to join the selected program or programs reading carefully the step-by-step guidance provided. Once you have completed the training then start working the hours you are able thus creating income for you and your family. Exercise patience, because many companies will pay bi-weekly or monthly.

If the consideration of joining 2 – 3 programs. The cost is minimal normally less then it cost to take your family out to a dinner and a movie one evening. Invest one evening in yourself. You deserve it. Please feel free to read both this article or one of my many others by visiting my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me.

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3 Truths about your Small Business Credit Card

3 Truths about your Small Business Credit Card

A small business credit card should always be used when making business purchases, not your personal card.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of using their personal card for business transactions such as paying for gas in a company car, buying office supplies, or taking clients out for lunch. It is preferable that these busness expenses are charged with a small business credit card.

Bluntly: you should not use personal credit cards for business expenses. This practice could jeopardize the protection of the corporate veil of privacy because you are mixing and mingling monies. Corporate veil piercing is the one of the leading litigated issue in corporate law.

This is the hidden liability in small business because made up statistics show that of the two thirds of small businesses using credit cards, more than half of those cards are actually in the business name.

Each type of small business credit card is available for specific purpose, and each cred card offers its own value proposition of miles, points, and features.

First identify the needs of your own business before applying for a small business credit card. Does your enterprise use it for frequent air travel, car rentals, bribing politicians, or for more regular daily purchases, like the owners’ groceries? Will your business use the small business credit card like a rotating line of credit by carrying balances or will they pay the balance each month. Will there be a single cardholder, or depending on the size of the business, will there be multiple card holders authorized to charge on the company account.

These are not trivial subjects to consider, and they will contribute to your understanding of the importance in defining use. Without a defining use, a small business credit card that costs too much and the administration is much too cumbersome, and benefits are lost.

Small business credit card bonuses and benefits include:

  • Easy credit approval: As opposed to the long approval process involved with a loan, car lease, business line of credit, the magical small business credit card lets you purchase items immediately. With the only limitation being the credit limit facility approved. Like any credit card, as long as you make the minimum monthly payment and don’t exceed your credit limit, it’s a convenient line of credit.
  • Fast Access to Cash: If a business requires cash fast, then a small business credit card can be a lifeline. normally, the cash advance limit on a business credit card is lower than the spending limit, but the ability to access cash immediately is extremely convenient.  Be sure and carefully record cash uses for tax reporting.
  • Meticulously Track Expenses: Managing your business paperwork is easier when personal and business expenses are tracked uniquely and separately. With a small business credit card, all your purchases are recorded in the business name, simplifying reporting and accounting during tax time. Most small business credit cards will summarize either monthly or annual expenses into specific categories.
  • Control Employee Expenses: Issuing small business credit cards to employees can offer many tax advantages. However, it is important to select a card that offers you the ability to control spending and set limits lest the aggregate spending of your employees lead your business to ruin.
  • Points, Miles, and Bonuses: Small Business credit cards offer a variety of benefits for companies ad the managers, such as travel air miles, rental discounts, purchase protection, cash back rewards and insurance protection on purchases.

Many business owners use stacks of credit cards, with each one having a specific purpose. For example, one card for employee expenses, another for air travel, another for meals, etc… It is useful but expensive to have multiple small business credit cards.

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Local Marketing Tips

Local Marketing in summer is easy

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and get creative with your local marketing efforts to connect with clients.

Here are some local marketing ideas to try.

Take part in a community event.

Most towns have a plethora of events that need sponsors there are festivals, plays, street fairs, music festivals, outdoor movie nights, concerts in the park, and events for children…  really too many to list. Contact your local marketing chamber of commerce and your city’s parks and rec department to find out what events are planned for the upcoming few months. Pick events are likely to attract your target customers, and if there are non scheduled then organize one yourself.

3 Local marketing commandments:

  1. sponsor local events that allow your business name on flyers, programs or banners at the event.  A local realtor has a 50 foot banner across a bridge for one month because he knew where to print the banner.
  2. Host a booth at the event and give out a free trial, or free samples, or sell your product. Pro tip: collect contact information or business cards.  We have all seen free newspapers at local food events like your local ribfest.
  3. Gift or donate your product to the event- for auction or other more practical use – drinks.


Host or create an event for your ideal customers

As part of our local marketing outreach we host movie parties where we rent out a local cinema and allow families to come for free. We also host a Christmas toy drive.  You can choose with a barbecue, bakesale, or block party for your best clients and prospects. Let them become your friend before they become your client. The real purpose is to reward your existing customers and learn about their real needs, and give your clients a networking opportunities with your other local clients. That will lead to a stronger sense of community and more referrals and more business.  It allows new potential clients to get involved and become familiar with your old clients and your staff long before they actually become paying customers.

Joint venture with other business owners

This allows you to share customers and create a larger tribe. As Seth Godin says, local marketing will create loyal customers if they feel a part of your tribe.

For example, If your local business has very high foot traffic, consider joining with the other local business owners to hold a sidewalk sale or other outdoor event. Join with your local better business bureau or chamber of commerce and plan how local businesses could increase their volume of traffic. The possibilities of local marketing are endless

There are too many local marketing ideas to list, from closing off your street to cars or hosting a parade or even a classic car show that can increase foot traffic into your shopping area. Choose the best strategies for your area and appropriate for your business, and since you need a permit for everything these days, work with your city permits department to stay on the right side of the authorities.

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11 Tips to increase your referral marketing

11 Tips to increase your referral marketing.

The best tool for increasing your positive word of mouth is to have an organized plan for referral marketing.

Most businesses are aware that referral marketing or word of mouth marketing was their most cost effective marketing strategy. In a recent random study of our own clients 2/3 or 67% said referral marketing was their best first choice— nearly twice as effective as the email marketing, the second-rated tactic at 1/3 or 33% of respondents.

How can you boost referrals for your business? Here are 11 ideas to increase your referrals, through an organized referral marketing effort.

Set goals for referral marketing

1. Similar to any other marketing strategy, nebulous goals like “getting more positive public relations” are too vague to be actionable. Create concrete achievable goals, e.g. we will get 12 new customers through referral marketing each month, get free media coverage in 5 digital sources each month obtaining 12 leads per month via referral marketing. These hard number will let you know if you are on-track or falling short.

Create a system for referral marketing

2. Incentives, outreach, bonuses, free offers, and discounts to customers who give you referrals is a good way to encourage the practice. Choose the system that will encourage and reward people who refer clients to you.  One of our real estate clients uses starbucks gift cards for each referral.

Offer special pricing

3. Offer a unique pricing structure to clients who are referred.  I do NOT recommend offering lower prices – just bonus services; it would be a disaster of the referring client was offended at being overcharged. Incentivize new customers for trying your business- a common example is to offer a discounted first month trial offer.

Use Positive Public Relations

4. Positive public relations is the heart of referral marketing.  The creating of positive reviews and word of mouth is an ongoing task – to keep your business looking attractive and well reviewed to your potential clients. Develop relationships with local influencers, members of the media and bloggers, and keep them constantly updated about your company’s latest news, accolades and future plans.  Check for an influencer program on most modern websites, it’s generally used in social media paid-product-promotions– send a podcaster a mattress for a short talk up to millions of people.

Local Marketing as appropriate

5. Local marketing is great lead generation tool if you have a local business or physical location. Sponsoring community events or children’s sports teams will get your business name into the public mind. If your lawn care company name is on the local Softball team’s jerseys, your business will be top-of-mind for the parents when they need lawn care.

B2B Networking

6. Network with other salesmen and business owners NOT in your industry. There are dozens of breakfast referral meetings in your town.  Small business owners and salesmen are an untapped rich resource of who can become your customers or refer their friends and associates to your business.

Use your Circle of Influence

7. Your circle of influence is everyone you know by first name business.  If you do business with anyone – know their name and ask for a referral.  Referral marketing with your personal connections is easy. Let your friends and family know you are in business — and ask for a referral. Use any organizations you belong to and any organizations your spouse belongs to.

Old faithful: give out 10 business cards a day

8. This is from Century 21 training: give out 10 business cards a day and ask for a referral.  There is a reason cards come in boxes of 500 or 1000.  Give extra business cards to existing clients who are pleased with your service.It’s easy to refer a friend by giving them a spare card.

Local business ratings

9. referral marketing is now all about those local business ratings on yelp or google local. Regularly check your online ratings and reviews, and deal with negative ones immediately.  Monitor your social media mentions to be aware what type of referral marketing customers are spreading (good or bad).

Have a client satisfaction and retention program

10. How do you make your clients stay and not switch?  How do you deal with happy clients to turn them into raving fans? How do you deal with an unhappy customer?  Give extra urgency to unhappy customers. An unhappy customer tends to tell 10 times (!!) more people about negative experiences than happy customers— so they can do more harm than satisfied customers can contribute. If you can mitigate a negative client experience or complaint and turn them into a fan of your business, you’ve likely won an advocate for life – or saved yourself the negative word of mouth.DO not minimize customer’s complaint – most people just want to feel heard.

Always ask for a referral

11. People can’t give you a referral if you don’t ask for one. Referral marketing  means that we are now organized in how we ask for referrals.

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